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Seventeen. Canada.
blackberries, grey's anatomy, midnight, food, summer and winter, sleeping, movies, laughing,
shoes, music, art, clothes, shopping, my family and friends,
chocolate, blueberries, running, traveling,
snowboarding, stars, Paris, Italy.

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I have anxiety just thinking about going back to university. I love it when i’m there but just coming home for Thanksgiving makes me not want to go back. it’s two months not one this time. It’s just so different this time around. I know i’ve made friends but I also feel so excluded sometimes.  Midterms are freaking me out and I guess I wish Montreal could be closer to Toronto. I miss seeing my parents and my close friends.  In general I miss Toronto.  Is it crazy that I actually enjoyed the smell of the TTC? Like it was home. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to school in Montreal but I wish there was an in between.