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Seventeen. Canada.
blackberries, grey's anatomy, midnight, food, summer and winter, sleeping, movies, laughing,
shoes, music, art, clothes, shopping, my family and friends,
chocolate, blueberries, running, traveling,
snowboarding, stars, Paris, Italy.

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Make it a powerful memory, the happiest you can remember. Allow it to fill you up… Just remember, your patronus can only protect you as long as you stay focused… think of the happiest thing you can.

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howl the drama queen

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doctor who meme | nine scenes [3/9]
ten and rose in “the impossible planet”

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Teacher: Why didn't you do the homework?
Student: I had to deal with a death of a loved one...
Teacher: I'm sorry for your loss. Who was it?
Student: A fictional character. But they were loved
Teacher: .......